SAN ANGELO, TX— “Bronte is always the second most important thing in the regular season. It’s the district championship and then beat Bronte,” said Steers quarterback Brody Pitcock.

Friday night will witness the historic Coke County rivalry, which has persisted since 1927, as the Robert Lee Steers and Bronte Longhorns will face off. Both teams share the goal of concluding the pre-district schedule on a positive note.

“It’s been a rivalry game for a long time. It’s big. It’s not only big for us. It’s big for the town,” said Bronte quarterback Jayton Galvan.

“We are going to finish our pre-district schedule, and we hope to finish it on a high note, and we got important games coming up after that,” said Robert Lee head coach Lee McCown.

The Steers sit at 4-1 and enjoy a three-game winning streak. Head Coach Lee McCown continues to admire the team’s consistent mentality week after week.

“They are doing a good job taking it one game at a time. Each week are important games, and they have done a good job focusing on that game and that game only and getting the job done,” said McCown.

Despite facing three consecutive losses and the absence of a key player, Bronte stands ready to confront the challenges and obstacles head-on.

“We are down to 14 players, and six are freshmen. We are young. The kids are resilient. They play hard and get after it. When you play like that, good things will happen. We have to get better at blocking a little bit more, and we get better at tackling, and we plan on doing that this week.

Both teams are prepared to gear up and meet each other in Longhorn territory.

“They are young, but they got a lot of talent. We got the film, and we are prepared for what they give us,” said Pitcock.

“If we stay strong and stay together and believe, then we will be okay,” said Galvan.