SAN ANGELO, Texas— The eighth-ranked Irion County Hornets will be hosting the Menard Yellowjackets who are both 2-0 in district play.

“It’s a big game and to be a district champ is real important to these guys,” said Irion County head coach Don Coffell.

Both of these teams have clinched a playoff spot, but a district championship is on the line. First-year head coach Bryson Oliver understands the competition his team is going to go up against.

“I mean Irion County is potentially one of the most athletic football teams in the state of Texas. It’s just athlete after athlete. They are all sport athletes, they are my kind of dudes there are guys that would start any day for me,” said Menard head coach Bryson Oliver.

The Hornets have not won a district championship since 2004, and the athletes know how special this game is to the team and community come Friday night.

“Since I’ve been here, I don’t remember us ever winning a district championship, especially in six-man. I think if we get this win tomorrow night, I think it will be a big day for everyone in Mertzon,” said sophomore running back Parker Posey.

The Yellowjackets being in their first year in six-man, have found success remaining undefeated in the district so far, and are looking to continue that momentum.

“We are going to need to be elite and be tougher than we have been against other teams in the district and that as long as we have good and smooth practices, then we will do great against them,” said junior quarterback Wyatt Terrell.

Head coach Don Coffell knows this is another game for his team to get better going up against a team like Menard.

“You know I told the guys Menard is coming to play, and they’re ready and we have to be motivated and have to be disciplined and have to do read our keys and do our job,” said Coffell.