We saw another afternoon with above average temps. Afternoon highs got to the upper 80s for most of us across the area and some of us even saw the lower 90s. Skies increased their cloud content through the afternoon and some spotty shower started to pop up through early afternoon hours as well. Winds have been out of the west around 10 mph. As we head into our evening hours tonight we will see our temps drop down to the lower 50s for our overnight lows. Skies will be mostly cloudy and we will see our showers become more widespread throughout the night. Winds will be out of the west southwest at 5-10 mph for our early evening hours and will transition out of the north northeast as we pass midnight.

A lot cooler for tomorrow as we’ll see temps in the 40s and 50s through much of our afternoon hours. Skies will be cloudy and we’ll see showers fairly widespread for the area. Winds will be out of the north northeast at 10-15 mph. Evening temps drop to the 40s for overnight lows. Skies remain cloudy and we’ll continue to see showers. Winds will be out of the north at 10-15 mph.