Well above average across the Concho Valley as temperatures climbed up into the upper 70s for most of the area. Breezy winds out of the west-southwest continue ahead of the cold front. The cold front moving across the parts of Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle will continue pushing southward and into our area overnight. No significant rain expected with the front as moisture content in the atmosphere have been sparse. Most locations will drop nearly 20 degrees as a result of the cold front.

Wednesday and Thursday, expected temperatures to fall back below average as we finish up November and head into the final month of the year. Moisture will move back into the area from the Gulf of Mexico in the southeast, those increasing dewpoints will also be increasing rain chances for the second cold front for the weekend. The second cold front will not likely be as strong, but with more moisture in place of the fronts arrive, some beneficial could come from it.

This back and forth, tug-of-war will continue into December, with a couple of days heating pulling afternoon highs above average, followed by a couple of colder air dropping back below our normal temperatures for this time of year.