A cool afternoon with afternoon highs in the 50s and below average across the area. We’ve also seen cloudy skies and some slight drizzle with our increased moisture that we’ve seen. As we go into our overnight hours we will see our overnight temps drop to the mid to upper 40s. Clouds will continue through the majority of the night as well. Winds will be out of the north around 5 mph.

For our Sunday we will see lower 60s for our afternoon highs as we continue our below average temps. Skies will be cloudy all afternoon. Winds will be out of the east northeast at 5 mph. As we transition to our nighttime hours we will see temps drop to the lower 50s and possible upper 40s for overnight lows. Skies will be cloudy and we will see some spotty showers across the area. Winds will be out of the northeast around 5 mph.