KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — Each year, every third week in October is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of school safety for students and staff.

“It really is a time for us to engage with students intentionally, reminding them of the importance of being aware, being safe and also to say something when they see something,” says Killeen ISD Chief of Communications and Marketing Taina Northington.

Law enforcement officers have been visiting different campuses within the district to eat lunch with students, show them their equipment and talk about essential safety protocols.

“We’ve got a rock band that’s going to different elementary schools, making a fun song about school safety. We have our fire department that has gone into various stops and really shown students the ins and outs of a track, all the equipment they use and then teaching them about what to do in the event of fire,” says Northington.

She also shares why this is an important initiative for the district.

“Killeen ISD, of course, takes the safety of our students and staff and our community very seriously. It’s one of our top priorities. And for us to know that we’re building that relationship between our students and law enforcement, that is something we see as a priority. To make sure that that helps them feel safe so that they know who’s on their campuses.”

Leaders with Killeen ISD are encouraging parents and guardians to be more involved and engaged with their students.