SAN ANGELO, Texas- Keep San Angelo Beautiful (KSAB) and many volunteers kicked off this year’s Fall Sweep at the Bosque. The city wide clean up was perfect for family fun, team bonding and 3 service hours for students.

“We had our second annual fall sweep. It is a state wide keep Texas beautiful event that all of the keep whatever city beautiful, do every year and so today we got a huge turn out and we have collected a lot of trash throughout the city,” said board president of KSAB, Emily Lloyd.

Groups split up all over the city, from the KOA campgrounds to the Red Arroyo Trail to pick up litter and debris from over the summer.

“That’s just how San Angelo is. We’re the kind of community that helps each other out and turns out when there’s a need. We did kind of need to clean stuff up after the summer and now like I said before we are ready for a beautiful fall,” said President and CEO of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce. “It’s just great to see everyone. We had people from ASU, people from Good Fellow, we had people from the community at large and we’re just so proud of this turnout and this great result.”

Groups were asked to find an interesting item while out cleaning the city and among those were doll hands and fish bowls but the best one was a baby kitten found under heaps of trash and the family who found him decided to adopt to him making for city clean up successful in more ways than one.