Jury Faces Choice of Death Sentence or Life in Prison in Isidro Delacruz Murder Trial


The verdict has been made naming 27-year-old Isidro Delacruz guilty, and now begins another decision for the jury — death or life in prison.

In Monday’s opening statements, district attorney Allison Palmer reminded jurors to think about the defendant’s character background when viewing evidence.

Next defense attorney William Boyles urged the jury to choose life in prison without possibility of parole because he believes the death penalty is for “the worst of the worst” and that Delacruz does not deserve to die, nor did the victim, Naiya Villegas.

The first witness to testify was Frank Tipton, the director of the residential probation program Delacruz participated in for substance abuse from October 2012 to September 2013.

He says that Delacruz had a few violent outbursts, but improved towards the end.

Naiya’s mother, Tanya Bermea, re-took the stand crying and trembling throughout her testimony.

She recalled another incident back in November of 2013 where she says Isidro physically assaulted her by grabbing her neck.

Pictures of her injuries were then presented to the jury.

Tanya also says she suffers from PTSD and can barely work due to constant shaking.

The defense then questioned her about another incident a month before, with her being listed as the aggressor and Delacruz the victim.

Defense attorney Robert Cowie asked multiple times about her continuing to see Delacruz and her criminal history, which she admitted to having.

Other witnesses included law enforcement officials and an old classmate.

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