Judge Accepts Court Appointed Attorney’s Motion to Withdraw from Arson Case


A San Angelo man charged with arson will be appointed new representation after a judge accepted the motion filed by the defendant’s attorney requesting to be withdrawn from the case.

In January a home on East 21st was destroyed by a fire. Court documents show the fire was started by gasoline being poured into a hole in the floor where pillows had been stacked.

One of the two suspects indicted on charges of arson is 63-year-old Gary Wright. He has a court appointed attorney for the case. Randol Stout was tabbed for the case, but he filed a motion to withdraw last month.

Tuesday morning, Wright appeared in the courthouse where Judge Ben Woodward agreed to allow Mr. Stout to withdraw.

Also indicted in the case is wright’s wife, Brenda, who is set to go to trial in October.

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