Job Expectations for College Students


ASU Students mainly agree on the characteristics one should have to land their first job, such as dressing presentable, networking and engaging with the employer.

Employers say your first job is most important.

The Recruiter for Actual Career Training, Rynda Wortham, says, “when you go to the next job, that job, that’s the only one you had and they are going to look back on that and use you as a reference.”

Most employers aggree on the presentation and ability to communicate.

The Retail Sales Manager for Cricket Wireless, Venessa Hernandez, says, “I’d like to see that they are presentable, you know ready to work, dress for success. Talk to me, sell yourself.”

Having a good attitude is key to networking, and it goes beyond one conversation.

“I don’t want to see anybody that goes up to the table, and they’ll ask ‘what do you do?’ And then, I tell them and then they just walk off,” says Wortham.

Recruiters say showing interest and putting your phone away is respectful to the interviewer.

“Social media is big so that’s great, but there is a time and a place for it,” says Wortham.

For some jobs, typically with a lot of openings, there are lenient requirements.

The Client Development for Energy Personnel, Charles Christensen, says, a candidate must be “reliable, and accountable, and they can show up to work, trustworthy, and can pass a drug test, they’ll go to work.”

As for many college students, they are hoping they land that job right out of school.

A biology major and ASU sophomore, Odessa Bingham, says, “I’m coming to school for it, so I really hope I get one after school, because I don’t want to be in debt for nothing. So, it’s definitely number one on my priority list.

Aside from education, employers look for charisma and background experience.

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