It’s that time of year again! City of San Angelo to switch water system disinfectant starting June 1


SAN ANGELO, Texas — The City of San Angelo Water Utilities Department will switch the disinfectant used in San Angelo’s water supply starting on June 1, 2021, according to a statement issued by the City of San Angelo this afternoon, May 24, 2021.

Starting June 1st, San Angelo residents may “note a slight change in the smell, taste and appearance of their water that should subside after a couple of weeks. This may include a chlorine odor and slight discoloration,” says the city, “The water is still safe for normal usage during this time.”

The temporary change in disinfectants happens every year. During the month of June the city will change from chloramine, a mix of ammonia and chlorine, to free chlorine. This process, according to the city, “ensures water safety in pipelines by ridding mains of residual microscopic organic particles. That yields the highest quality of drinking water.”

The statement went on toe assure water users this process is a normal one for many municipal water supplies. The process may require some adjustments for certain water users. Kidney dialysis patients, for example are encouraged to “…talk with their equipment supplier; different equipment may have varying needs and require adjustments. The City has contacted local hospitals to alert them of the change.”

The Water Utilities Department also warns that not all reverse osmosis systems are designed to work with water containing free chlorine, and suggests owners of reverse osmosis “should check their operation manuals or system manufacturers to ensure they will not be adversely affected by the change.”

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