SAN ANGELO, Texas- Due to the Coronavirus outbreak experts say the past two regular flu seasons have been milder than usual.

“We are kind of attributing this to everybody being very preventative washing hands wearing their masks and being very cautious and as a result, we think we saw a pretty mild flu season,” said Shannon Nurse Practitioner, Felix Guanajuato.

Now as we enter this year’s flu season, health experts are anticipating a stronger flu season.

Data from Australia, where flu season begins was two months early this season, with three times as many cases. Here in San Angelo Meyers drug tells us they have already seen an uptick in the immune-compromised community.

“We have seen a change. There are a lot more people 65 and older getting their shots earlier which I can appreciate because they are the demographic that is at the highest risk to develop all the complications of any of the viral infections during winter time,” said Meyer’s Drug General Manager, Luis Urteaga.

Getting the flu shot before Halloween allows your body to adjust before colder weather arrives for the winter.

“Ideally you have to wait until around this month to start getting your shot because there is a peak of immunity and it goes away around 6 months. This helps you during the months where it’s more contagious,” said Urteaga.

As you head out to get your shot, Guanajuato wants to remind the community that though it is not prevalent, the COVID shot is still a good idea.

“It is still kind of how I like to say sprinkled in with strep and the flu,” said Guanajuato.