Isidro Delacruz Murder Trial Day 2


Delacruz is facing a capital murder charge of little Naiya Villegas, the daughter of ex-girlfriend Tonya.

The state called two more witnesses to the stand on Tuesday, who are both employed with the San Angelo Police Department.

The first being Sergeant Doug Thomas, a 20-year-veteran with the department.

In September 2014, Thomas arrived to investigate the scene about an hour after the inital 9-1-1 call by the five-year-old victim’s grandmother, Susy Bermea.

He noticed that Isidro Delacruz has blood on his pants and hands, along with wet clothing.

In the courtroom District Attorney Allison Palmer presented crime scene pictures, some of which Sergeant Thomas and a crime scene technician took that night.

Blood was seen in several parts of the house, including Naiya’s bedroom.

Pictures of blood on the sidewalk led Sergeant Thomas to believe that someone threw something across the street.

He testified there was indeed a butcher knife resting in an empty field, which appeared to have dry blood o it.

Next jurors heard from Marcus Rodriguez, the first officer to arrive at the scene.

An emotional officer Rodriguez recalled five-year-old Naiya Villegas’s body on the ground, still breathing, with Isidro Delacruz holding paper towels to her neck.

Shortly after, jurors were turned to Rodriguez’s dashcam video from that night.

The roughly 10-12 minute video displayed the officer pulling up to the residence with Susy Bermea screaming that Delacruz hurt her granddaughter.

Tonya Bermea, the girl’s mother can be heard repeatedly asking “what did he do to my daughter?”

With the dashcam’s audio, jurors head the voice of Delacruz crying and yelling “She slit her throat” and “somebody help her.”

Officer Rodriguez also told the jury that the smell of alcohol was present on both Tonya and Isidro along with slurred speech.

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