Isidro Delacruz Capital Murder trial: Day 3


Isidro Delacruz is on trial for the murder of 5 year old Naiya Villegas. On the 3rd day of testimony jurors heard from the grandmother of Villegas as well as a number of first responders who were called to the stand by prosecuting attorneys with the state.

Day Three:

It was an emotional day at the Tom Green County Courthouse on Wednesday as the extent of the fatal injuries of 5 year old Naiya Villegas were revealed to jurors in the Isidro Delacruz capital murder trial.

Villegas was found at a home on the 2700 block of Houston Street in September of 2014 with a cut to her throat.

During police testimony jurors were shown graphic photos of Villegas’ wounds–showing two deep lacerations to her throat.

Jesusita Bermea, the grandmother of Villegas, testified in court she attempted to get Delacruz to leave the house where the incident took place but Delacruz attacked her.

Jurors heard the 9-1-1 call made by Jesusita Bermea leading up to the moment police arrived.

Police responding to the scene testified on Wednesday regarding the extent of the injuries to Jesusita Bermea and Naiya’s mother Tanya Bermea.

Police say Tanya showed evidence of having been assaulted as well.

Other first responders testified to treating Villegas prior to and during transport to Shannon on that morning.

Paramedics and police say Naiya was breathing slowly when they arrived.

She would eventually die of her injuries.

Jurors will continue to hear witness testimony on Thursday morning.

Other Notes: The pictures of Tanya showed bruising to her neck, forehead and her knee, as well as scratches and scrapes to various parts of her body. Tanya also had blood on the fingertips of her left hand. Medics on the scene say the normal breathing rate per minute for a 5 year old is 30 per minute. When they arrived on the scene, Naiya was breathing at a rate of 2 breaths per minute.

In the events leading up to the death of Naiya Villegas, Jesusita Bermea testified as having taken care of her while daughter Tanya Bermea went out. Jesusita would later drop them off at the home on Houston Street some time before 11 pm before getting a call around 2 a.m. Tanya sounded “scared” according to testimony from Jesusita.

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