Interview with Texas Senator Charles Perry at the West Texas Legislative Summit


SAN ANGELO, Texas – The 17th Annual West Texas Legislative Summit was held at Angelo State University on August 4, 2021.

Texas District 28 Senator Charles Perry was a moderator and speaker at the event.

In an interview during the summit, he reiterated his role and the importance of the legislative summit.

He also spoke about a variety of topics and urged voters and constituents to pay close attention to what is happening in local, state, and national politics.

Perry says that property rights and people in the agriculture industry are seeing an increase in resistance from Washington, D.C.

“I bet I saw four or five bills this session that were an all out assault on private land owner rights. I’ve spent most the session killing bills. The bill authors either don’t understand, they’re young guys who haven’t been raised in an agriculture environment or it was deliberate. It was kind of a hidden, veiled green agenda,” Perry said.

Hear more about these issues in the video below:

Perry also addressed some areas in which he believes China is attempting to hinder with the United State’s prosperity.

One of those areas includes foreign entities, China being one of those entities, that are purchasing land in the United States.

Another area of concern that he shared with the crowd and again in our interview, includes a personal story he has about how a possible solution to an issue regarding an invasive tree was brought to legislators. This solution included introducing a non-native beetle to Texas. The beetle was supposed to attack the tree but Perry says he later found out that the beetle could be extremely detrimental to the bee population. Bees are pollinators who play a vital role in the agricultural industry.

Listen to the full story below:

Perry also urged constituents to get involved and share their concerns with their legislators. He says the best way to do so is by calling your representative’s office or writing a letter.

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