Interview: Rep. August Pfluger on turmoil in Afghanistan


SAN ANGELO, Texas — Representative August Pfluger sat down for an interview with KSAN News on Tuesday afternoon, August 17, 2021, to talk about the ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan as Taliban forces take control.

Congressman Pfluger says the Biden administration and their method of withdrawal is to blame for the Taliban taking back much of the country more quickly than the anticipated 90-day timetable.

Thousands of Americans still in Afghanistan are being told to shelter in place as American troops travel there to help with evacuations.

According to Pfluger, one of those in need of evacuation is an Afghan pilot who has family in District 11.

“I have constituent with a family member who is an Afghan pilot. [The pilot] is currently, as we understand it, in Uzbekistan,” said Pfluger, “They have left Afghanistan and gone into Uzbekistan. We’re working very hard to get not only him but also the approximately 600 other people who apparently are all Afghan military personnel.”

While the Pentagon says many Afghan refugees could be taken to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Congressman Pfluger says there have not yet been talks of any refugees coming to San Angelo.

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