EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Court documents shed light on what led to a deadly crash in Far Fast El Paso early Sunday morning.

Richard Mustapha Sennessie, 23, has been charged in the murder of 27-year-old Capt. Malcolm X. Perry. On Tuesday, Fort Bliss officials confirmed that Capt. Perry was a Fort Bliss soldier.

Capt. Malcolm X. Perry. Courtesy Fort Bliss

Morning of incident

According to the El Paso Police Department, Sennessie intentionally caused the deadly crash by ramming a Jeep Wrangler that he was driving into an Audi that Capt. Perry was driving.

Court documents state that Perry called 911 at 5:46 a.m., just before the crash, and said he was being chased by a black Jeep.

Perry told the dispatch that the driver was ramming into his vehicle and said, “I am going to die.” Moments later, dispatch heard a loud crash and Perry yelling for help, according to the documents.

When officers arrived at the crash site near the intersection of John Hayes and N. Zaragoza about four minutes later, they found Perry’s Audi on fire. The El Paso Fire Department arrived at the scene and put out the flames. Crews then discovered Perry, who was dead.

Authorities said the Jeep was parked near the crash site and a woman was sitting inside the passenger seat of the vehicle. The woman reportedly told police that Perry was her boyfriend and that she was the owner of the Jeep.

She stated to police that a male friend who went by the name of “Ricky” was driving the Jeep and she was the passenger.


According to court documents, the woman gave her consent to have her blood drawn and was then taken to Sierra Providence East.

Special Traffic Investigators arrived at the scene and suspected foul play in the crash.

The documents state that the woman was taken to EPPD headquarters and was provided her Miranda Rights, which she reportedly waived and agreed to speak to detectives.

The woman told detectives that she had been dating the victim on and off for five years. She said that on Oct. 10 she met her friend Ricky at 915 Vibes, located on Pebble Hills. When she arrived, she saw Ricky and another acquaintance.

A short time later, the woman decided to leave 915 Vibes and left with Ricky in her Jeep. She stated that Ricky got into the driver’s seat of her vehicle and that she got into the passenger seat. The two then headed to Jaguars, according to the documents.

When they arrived at Jaguars, the two got a table. Perry was already at the club and joined them.

At some point, a fight broke out at the strip club. The woman said she saw Perry and a group of people fighting each other. After the fight ended, she said that Perry told her to head to his residence at the Bungalow Apartments in Far East El Paso.

The woman told investigators she left Jaguars with Ricky and headed to Perry’s apartment. When they arrived, they saw a group of men beating on Perry. Ricky allegedly joined the group of men. It’s still unknown who the group of men were.

Court documents state that the woman told everyone to stop. That’s when Perry was able to escape and left in the Audi. Ricky then got into the driver’s side of the Jeep and the woman got into the passenger seat.

The documents allege that both men were driving at a high rate of speed and that Ricky allegedly rammed the Jeep into Perry’s Audi, causing it to flip. Ricky then reportedly fled the scene.

Court documents state that Perry’s vehicle then caught fire and that Perry burned alive.

Police said video evidence corroborates the events. When authorities asked the woman who Ricky was, she told police that she only knew him as “Ricky.”

Richard Mustapha Sennessie, a.k.a Ricky, is accused of killing Capt. Malcolm X. Perry in a crash.

The acquaintance that the woman and Ricky saw at 915 Vibes met with detectives at EPPD headquarters. Using the woman’s social media accounts, a picture was found of Ricky at Jaguars on the night of the incident. The woman gave the photo to detectives.

The acquaintance confirmed to police that he also knew Ricky, but didn’t know his last name.

On the night of Oct. 11, Ricky contacted the woman and detectives were able to get the phone number and trace it back to a man named Richard Mustapha Sennessie. Detectives used Sennessie’s phone number to locate his address. They also requested his driver’s license picture and matched it to the social media photo.

Authorities then issued an arrest warrant and Sennessie was arrested on Tuesday morning.

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