Hunt Military Communities begins “Hunt Little Heroes” contest in honor of Month of the Military Child


Hunt Military Communities is based in El Paso, Texas and is the largest owner of military housing according to their website.

“Hunt is the most experienced and largest owner of military housing in the U.S. Hunt owns approximately 52,000 homes spread across more than 40 military installations on Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps,” the About Us page on their website states.

Each April, they do something to honor children who have parents that are active duty military. April is designated as the Month of the Military Child.

Lynette Hegeman the National Marketing Director for Hunt Military Communities said this year they wanted to do something extra special.

“So we came up with Hunt Little Heroes. Instead of making it for just Hunt Military Community children we decided to open it up to any active military member’s child and they are to write a 300 word essay, a drawing or a video of why they think they are a leader in their community,” Hegeman said.

Applicants must be between the ages of four (4) and 15 and submit their entries by April 20, 2020. Each child who applies will receive a special hero cape, mask, and a letter of appreciation for sharing their hero story or drawing. The winners will be announced May 1, 2020 and will take part in a special “coining” ceremony.

Hegeman said the idea for this contest came up before the outbreak of COVID-19. She thinks the pandemic could have some positive outcomes.

“I think what we’ll find after COVID-19 is that children are going to be much more giving and it’s going to be more in their forefront of what they’re thinking about ‘what can I do for others?’ We came up with this in December before everything hit so I think it’s perfect timing. We’ve gotten several submissions and only a few of them are related to COVID-19 the rest are things they were already doing in their community. You get these very heartwarming stories and I think that’s what it’s all about is just making these children conscious that there’s great things they can do in their community and they can make an impact. I think once we instill that in children at a certain age, they’re going to want to look for more opportunities to serve,” Hegeman said.

To read more about the submission guidelines, click here.

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