SAN ANGELO, Texas —A new tea shop is open for business in San Angelo and it’s not just any tea shop. This new concept has over over 24 flavors of sweet and unsweetened teas that franchise owner Bryan Benson says are a hit.
HTeaO began brewing their delicious flavored teas back in 2009 out of burger joint in Amarillo and have then been popping up all over the state of Texas. And now finally the Concho Valley, will get their own.

“Oh yeah, this is a great concept that I ran into up in Amarillo, and wanted to bring it to San Angelo. It’s been almost a year and a half process to get it here,” Benson says.
Whether this is your first time or not you can come in and enjoy the experience HTeaO offers. You begin by sampling any flavor you want and when you’re ready to make your selection, just grab a cup, get some ice, fill it up, add fruit if you choose, pay and you’re out the door.

“You can mix and match flavors we have different combos that people kind of put together and then they kind of create their own name for so we this is yours this is 24 flavors for you to mix and make whatever you think your perfect flavor of tea,” Benson says.
What makes HTeaO so unique is the quality a taste of their teas. They’re constantly brewing tea throughout the day, and their filtered water is one of the key components of it tasting so fresh.

One of the biggest perks of visiting HTeaO general manager Frank Diaz says is their happy hour, “From two to four every day and we are open every day. Okay, from two to four every day we have happy hour, it’s half price drinks on all the cup drinks. And so yeah, we get busy and that time.”
You can go enjoy the HTeaO experience for yourself. They are located at 2118 South Bryant Blvd.