Howard College offering training opportunity, webinar bundle ‘Human Resources 101’


SAN ANGELO, Texas – Howard College has announced another training opportunity that is open to the public. This opportunity will be focused on Human Resources training.

The Lead Smart Webinar Bundle will be facilitated by Jody Holland who will also be joined by co-facilitator, Elaine Hand.

A detailed description of the courses can be found below.

To register or for more information contact Tracy A. Simmons, Nonprofit Training Coordinator for Howard College, at 325-481-8300 Ext. 3241.

Lead Smart – Master the Skills to Manage Yourself, Your Team, and Your Volunteers

  • April 13 – May 25, 2021
  • *10:00am – 11:30am (CST)
  • Every Tuesday for 7 weeks
  • All online format
  • Webinar Bundle Cost: $89.00
  • (Individual webinars $25.00 each)

Trainings Include:

  • Clarifying Your Message and Telling Your Story
  • How To Give Great Presentations
  • Just Make Time
  • Accelerate
  • The Psychology of Engagement
  • Leading With Purpose
  • *Human Resources 101 (2 hour webinar 10AM-12PM)

Individuals who complete all 7 trainings will earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)



Tuesday, April 13, 2021


We love to support organizations that have great stories. Each of us buys, engages with, and follows the organization with the best story. Learning to tell a compelling story based on a systematic story structure helps your organization stand out from the rest. There are 7components to every great story that spark emotion and drive action. When you learn to tell a story that pulls the listener in as the hero, you learn to inspire new action in others.


Tuesday, April 21, 2021


Whether presenting in the board room, on stage, or in a sales setting, learning both the psychology and the mechanics of being a great presenter will set you apart from your competition. Jody Holland will teach you how to get outside of your comfort zone, build the ideal mindset to present in any setting, and he will take you through the skills of the world’s greatest presenters. When you systematically develop the ability to bring new insights, pace and lead your audience, and inspire change in those you are engaging with, you create an emotional desire in others to follow you, learn from you, and share your message with the world around you.


Tuesday, April 28, 2021


Just Make Time is the concept of systematically selecting the things that matter most while learning to eliminate the things that detract from your success. It is NOT about managing time or learning to use a calendar system. Instead, it is about learning to identify what matters the most and making that a part of your everyday life. This concept allows you to consistently measure your effectiveness in succeeding both in work and life and is a model for living the life that you’ve always wanted. It is a principle that successful people live by and that anyone can learn.


Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Our belief system determines whether or not we will engage with the right business strategy. By learning the process of mapping our beliefs and adjusting those beliefs to better support the direction we wish to go, only then can we keep our priorities on track. The right beliefs allow us to create the right thinking and evaluation in our organizations. This mindset separates the organizations that thrive from those who merely survive. Ultimately, these two components lay the foundation for our ability to create the future we desire as well as remove mental blocks that have kept our organizations and ourselves from succeeding at the highest levels.


Tuesday, May 11, 2021


This program teaches fundraisers and nonprofit leaders how to use the psychology of engagement to inspire volunteers and donors to give out of a true desire to help. We will cover both the logical and the emotional sides of how to engage a person to give their best. By understanding the thought processes and decision-making processes of our volunteers, we are best prepared to lead people into finding their purpose, passion, and joy by being a part of our mission.


Tuesday, May 18, 2021


We are all driven by the same three key areas of life. We seek a project or purpose bigger than ourselves. We seek a way to connect with people we like and trust. And finally, we seek a sacrifice that leaves a lasting impact. By understanding what helps people feel more self-actualized, we are better able to “Start With Why” and inspire people to give their very best. Purpose is the key ingredient in achieving greater levels of performance with your team.


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

10am-12pm (2-hour course)

This program will cover the critical components of human resources success. We will discuss hiring, firing, write-ups, and other key HR skills. Additionally, we will cover HR regulatory changes that have impacted employers during the pandemic and how things are changing in the coming year.

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