WOODWAY, Texas (FOX 44) — The Woodway Public Safety Department wants people to watch out for porch pirates. The department shared a picture of one suspect on Facebook earlier this week.

It is especially important during this time of year, as the holidays get closer.

“Every year it heats up around this time. Come Fall, come holidays, it will occur most likely,” Khalil El-Halabi said, the Assistant Chief of the Woodway Public Safety Department.

He says there are two different types of porch pirates.

Those who follow delivery trucks and wait until they leave, and those who drive around neighborhoods just looking for packages.

But he did explain that there are ways to combat the loss of your online purchase, even without cameras.

“If you are purchasing from a brick and mortar store, their online location, you can actually have that package delivered to their actual store and pick it up there,” he told FOX 44 News. “I know there’s several large companies that allow you to do that.”

“Another easy way to do it is team up with your neighbors, have them watch your front door, and if there’s a package there and you feel comfortable, have them take that for you and put it somewhere safe.”

El-Halabi also recommended shoppers sign up for tracking, as most online retailers do offer it once an order is purchased.

He also said changing your delivery destination can help.

“Things you can do as well as you can change the delivery address of where your package is being delivered,” he said. “If you’re able to accept packages at your job, then you can just have them deliver it there.”

And if you are the victim of a porch pirate scheme or you see it happen, here’s what he advises.

“So if you are actually there and you experience this and you actually happen to to be present for it, contact the Public Safety Department,” he said. “We will be there. It’s not worth your life to try to interject yourself in that situation, because for the most part, I know Amazon, all you have to do is click replace Lost or, you know, something happened to and they’ll send you another one real quick.”

El-Halabi also touched on Amazon lockers that many stores have now that users can ship purchases to if you are not comfortable with shipping to your home.