San Angelo, Texas – Attention all pet lovers, Concho Valley Paws is hosting a ‘Home for the Holidays’ event this weekend, to celebrate all of the animals being healthy after widespread illness broke out last month.

Adoptions will resume at the San Angelo Animal Shelter following an illness that affected multiple dogs. They became seriously ill after they were exposed to an ‘unknown substance’ on November 13th.
Three dogs died as a result of the exposure and over 200 dogs were given immediate medical attention by the Concho Valley Paws staff.

“We do think its isolated to the shelter and that citizens at large shouldn’t have a concern for their canines in their home but it is something that is quite alarming,” said Morgan Chegwidden, assistant director of the Neighborhood & Family Services Department at the San Angelo Animal Shelter. “They were getting lifesaving medication in their kennels for the last 28 days as we’ve tried to work through this and identify it and stop the spread of it.”

The treatment cost Concho Valley paws $13,000, an additional expenditure they say they will have to work to make up for.

“Donations is what goes directly into the animal care so if it wasn’t for our donors and the grants that we get we would not have been in a position to help,” said Jeanie Wilson, executive director Concho Valley Paws.

Symptoms of the illness could not be described due to police still investigating the substance that caused all of this but in light of this situation, Concho Valley Paws is holding ‘ A Home for the Holidays’ event this Saturday, December 11th, where you can adopt a furry friend for free!

“The purpose of this is just to get awareness out there and get people in the door to look at these pets because we want to see them go home for Christmas,” added Wilson.

All adult cats and dogs will be available for you to choose from between the time of 1-7 p.m.