SAN ANGELO, Texas — “The Original Henry’s” on Sherwood Way in San Angelo has grown to become a favorite for many.

“My dad grew up as a steak cook. He cooked for Lowake and the Zentner’s back in the day. When he opened up his first little place, he just wanted a hamburger joint. Then God blessed us and we’ve grown. Now our sitting capacity is over 500 people,” said Henry Hogeda Jr., who manages “The Original Henry’s” alongside his sister, Rosa Torres.

In 1973 Henry Martinez Hogeda Sr. opened “The Original Henry’s” on MLK Dr. in San Angelo.

“My dad grew up in Granger. Him and my mom were cotton pickers. They were poor. They made it up all the way to owning their own business. My mom worked as a waitress and my dad was a cook. My dad persuaded her to come to the restaurant business because she would never have to work hard, which we still laugh about,” said Rosa.

Nearly 50 years later, what started as a small Mexican food restaurant has moved to different locations around town and now sits on Sherwood Way, where it holds a capacity for 500 people.

From its diverse menu to its colorful design on the inside, the family business has become a staple in San Angelo.

Though Mr. Hogeda passed away in 2017, his children Henry Jr. and Rosa continue to run the business just as their father would, all these years later.

“My mom and dad, after all their blood, sweat, tears and dedication, they built an empire here in town. Since we lost my dad, my sister and I are taking over. God is still blessing us. We’re just as busy as ever but that’s the foundation my mom and dad set. Rosa and I are going to carry on with his legacy. We do it with pride and honor on his behalf,” explained Henry Jr.

Honor, respect and family. Those are just a few of the values the sibling duo says continue to make the restaurant successful so many years later.

“We’re always here, hands-on. We value our customers. We want them to feel at home. We have employees that have been here many, many years. We’re not only a family at home, but we feel like a family towards our customers and our employees,” added Rosa.