SAN ANGELO, Texas — Lupita Arroyo said she has fulfilled her passion by being a member of the SAISD School Board.

“It’s a great opportunity they gave me,” Arroyo said. “It’s a blessing to be a Hispanic woman to be representing all Hispanic people in my community, so it’s a big blessing to be here.”

She said this position not only fulfills her passion for helping people but also gives her a chance to show others that they can meet their goals, too.

“I’m here to set an example to show that you can do it, especially for your kids,” said Arroyo.

Through her work, she wants to inspire her daughters to go after what they love.

“As a mom, I always told them look for their dreams,” she said. “Do whatever they want to do to the best and serve the community, especially like this kind of service. We do not get paid for it. It is free, but I do it from the bottom of my heart because I love kids, I love to serve my community”

Lupita said she has always taught her daughters to do things out of love and not for the salary.

“There are a lot of people who look at careers for money,” Arroyo said. “You are looking for love. What makes you happy, how you can serve your community, how you can serve people, so follow your dreams.”

Her message to others is to choose what you want to do and chase that dream for yourself.

“My daughters always ask me ‘Mom, what do you want me to be?’ I tell them, ‘what do you want to be?’ Because you are going to start living your life. I already lived my life, so what are you going to do with your life,” Arroyo said.