Healthy eating for 2019 is a lifestyle choice


Fitness Consultant Manager at Heroes Fitness, Dylan Jones, says, “some of the things we can expect this new year is everyone coming out to start their new fitness journey.”

Beginning a journey starts with a plan, and it doesn’t just end after a work out.

Registered Dietitian at San Angelo Community Medical Center, Mary Solomon, says, “plan ahead.”

Solomon says, cooking at home is a good start because you can see what is going into your food.

“If you do online shopping, sending your groceries online that saves you a lot of time, so it can be time saving and good for your health,” says Solomon.

Shopping online helps you avoid being tempted from buying fatty foods.

“Stick with color. Make every meal as colorful as you can,” says Solomon.

Colorful meals mean to spend your time in the produce section, and find other sources of protein.

“One or two days out of the week, try and do a meatless meal,” says Solomon.

Healthy eating is also looking beyond the breakdown of calories and grams of fat on the label, but looking at the ingredients the food is made with.

“When they take fat out of a product, sometimes it could be a good fat, but when they take it out, they add something else,” says Solomon.

A good way to make sure you’re eating healthy is to prepare food in the beginning of the week for each day.

“Meal prepping is great to do, it’s making sure you’re balancing your calories, balancing your carbohydrates,” says Jones.

Mary Solomon says it is smaller, more frequent meals that work better for you metabolism. 

“It’s just lifestyle choices and choosing healthy for the rest of your life,” says Solomon.

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