WACO, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — As we head into a season of gatherings and winter weather, medical experts are encouraging everyone to stay on top of their health.

“The numbers always skyrocket in the wintertime, and you can attribute that to people staying more closely indoors or in closer proximity to each other, less exposure to sunlight and less exposure to fresh air,” Cindy Murphey, McLennan County Public Health District Registered Nurse and Nursing Program manager, said.

Flu “A” and “B,” COVID-19 and RSV are at the forefront of what Murphey calls seasonal illnesses.

Although hospitalizations have been low, Baylor Scott & White Health medical expert Greg Newman D.O. says now is the time to get vaccinated for those who are ready.

“So getting your flu vaccine, if that’s something that you usually do, I would recommend not waiting any longer. Go ahead and do that because I think it’s just a matter of time before we do see those flu numbers start to really increase,” Newman said.

For those who have concerns about the new Covid vaccine that mostly fights off sub-variants, Newman has this to say:

“It’s definitely an individual’s decision on whether or not you choose to vaccinate, but certainly if you have some increasing risk factors like older age, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, those kinds of things really need to be taken into consideration and when you are looking at getting the Covid vaccine for this newest variant,” Newman said.

Murphey also adds that “the risk of not being vaccinated and being exposed to all of these possible disease processes is far greater than any risk involved in being vaccinated against them.”

Both health care providers say they want to see people taking steps to protect themselves, loved ones and strangers from these illnesses.

You can always reach out to those at the McLennan County Health District, talk to your trusted doctor or do your own research to find what’s best for you.