SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Local Health Authority for Tom Green County, Doctor James Vretis, issued the Implementation of Control Measures on Property order because of the increase in COVID-19 cases and the strain it is having on local hospitals.

Today, the Texas Supreme Court granted an emergency motion from the Texas Governor in a case against the San Antonio School District’s Mask Mandate.

The Justices said the status quo has been the Governor’s oversight in decisions regarding Texas residents during the coronavirus outbreak.

What this means for Tom Green County students and staff, is that masks will not be required, for now.

Dr. Vretis said, “we actually left the order so that there is area for movement for us to go back and forth with the school districts to try and figure out what works best for them. The Texas Supreme court put out a temporary restraining order against all mask mandates, so our mandate is now void.”

Today’s ruling by the Texas Supreme Court is the opposite of it’s ruling earlier in the week in favor of the Dallas County School Mask Mandate.