Staying fit during the outbreak: one gym owner’s advice.


San Angelo, TX — While the White House suggests avoiding crowds of people greater than ten and social-distancing has become the new normal, some people are worried about exercising in public places.

We spoke to Tommy Janusz, owner of The Bar Athletic Club, to find out what effects the outbreak was having on his business, and what advice he had for people who might be thinking about whether or not to exercise in a gym.

“I really haven’t noticed much effect to the business. The only thing I’ve noticed, really, is more frequent use of sanitizer wipes,” said Janusz.

“And then I’ve had some toilet paper disappear out of the bathroom.”

We asked Janusz if he or his gym’s members had modified their behavior at all since the beginning of the outbreak.

“I have been asking people if they can wipe, with sanitizer wipes, before and after they lift. Because, if you get on something and you don’t know if someone wiped when they were done you at least know that you can wipe beforehand and it will be clean for you.”

Janusz had this to say when asked if he had any advice for people who might be worried about exercising in public:

“For individuals wanting to stay fit and get started in fitness during this event there are dependencies, you know, who do you have at home? Who are you in particular? Are you over 60? Over 80? What is your age group? What is your current health status? If you’re in this population that is at a higher risk you may not want to get started in a public place just yet.”

“In the same sense, you may have someone at home that you take care of that is in that population, a young child or older population, and you go into the community and potentially bring it back to your home. Those are some things to consider.”

“If people are wanting to do stuff, I say do what you can with precaution and try and live your life still but don’t live dangerously.”

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