SAISD buys new air system that kills COVID-19 instantly


SAN ANGELO, Texas- A new air filtration system that kills COVID-19 has been installed at an SAISD school.

Glenn Middle School is ramping up their fight against Coronavirus with an integrated viral protection machine that kills viruses instantly.

“What this is, is the IVP venue air unit. What it does, is it takes in the air from inside of a room sends it through the filters, there is a stainless steel mesh filter that instantaneously kills the COVID-19 virus within 99.99 percent,” says Jason Henry, Director of Purchasing at SAISD.

San Angelo Independent School District is now the first school district in West Texas to have the venue mobile unit. It was installed in the cafeteria last week and cost around ten thousand dollars, but Principal Michael Kalnbach says the money is well worth it to continue in person learning.

“I think one thing that’s great about it is just giving us another way to keep kids as safe as we possibly can,” said Kalnbach.

The machine also does more than kill coronavirus, by also killing bacteria seen in the common cold as well as anthrax instantaneously when going through the steel filter.

The district is still working through a targeted plan for further IVP installations in other schools.

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