COVID-19 Delta Variant impacting San Angelo


SAN ANGELO, Texas – According to Shannon Medical Center, there are no beds designated for COVID-19 patients available. Health officials also say the delta variant is proving to be more lethal.

The Tom Green County Health Department tracks the number of COVID-19 cases in the Concho Valley. Their numbers have shown that cases are on the rise.

Tom Green County Health Authority Dr. James Vretis says the delta variant is targeting younger patients He stated that between a nurse shortage and limited space in the hospital, the COVID-19 vaccine is strongly encouraged.

“The COVID unit is completely full and there is one bed available in the ICU,” Local Health Authority Dr. James Vretis said. “We’re holding, I think last I saw was 17 patients in the ER. They’re not all COVID patients, but again if the hospital fills up with COVID. There’s other patients that can’t be admitted as well there’s physically no place to put them and no staff to take care of them which is what I think our largest problem is, is we’ve got empty beds but we don’t have nursing staff to take care of those patients that we would put up there.”

Dr. Vretis adds, “We are seeing a lot of GI symptoms, were seeing a lot of nausea vomiting, diarrhea. Maybe a third to a half of the people I see that are coming in test positive for COVID now are coming with GI complaints so its kind of like a COVID Gastroenteritis or COVID stomach flu if you would. We’re seeing a significant number of people that have been admitted for COVID that are getting clotting disorders so they are getting clots in their legs, pulmonary emboli, they’re getting strokes, its not just the lungs its the whole body that gets messed up by this disease.”

Dr. Vretis warns even though San Angelo is lagging behind the rest of the state, a peak is coming and it will possibly be significant.

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