Health officials update safety measures as COVID-19 cases continue to rise


All visitors are required to wear masks and practice social distancing

SAN ANGELO, TX – Within the past two weeks, Texas has witnessed a large increase in COVID-19 cases. Doctors in the Concho Valley are continuing their safety measures for their patients, visitors and themselves.

“We’re taking every effort we can, making every extra precaution we can to keep our environment safe so people can come see me,” Shannon Medical Center E.N.T specialist David Huchton said. “We’ve heard lots of stories around the country and I’ve had several patients of my own, where it was a delay in their visit with their doctor that there can be bad outcomes.”

People have been fearful to visit their doctors since the start of the pandemic. Ensuring more safety guidelines is labeled a top priority moving forward.

“My main message at this point is that I want people to know they can come see me and they’re not going to get sick from coming to see me or anybody in my office,” Dr. Huchton said. “And I think everybody at Shannon is trying to do that, really in a responsible way.”

Ear, nose and throat doctors have to be close to their patients when performing procedures and conducting examinations. Following the updated safety measures is essential.

“When somebody comes in, they’re required to be wearing a mask before the examination and from the entry to the office,” Dr. Huchton said. “Once they’re in to see me, they can take off their mask when I’m examining them, but then I’m taking many levels of extra precautions.”

Doctor Huchton says maintaining an up-to-date knowledge about these guidelines is the key to everyone’s safety since their specialties cause them to be more exposed to their patients.

“Until we feel like we have a good handle on the pandemic slowing down, we’re certainly not going  to back off on all these safety measures,” Doctor Huchton said. “In the grand scheme of things it is probably right for us to do a lot of these anyway. And now that we’re doing them, we’ll just be part of our regular practice.”

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