CDC says this flu season could be worst yet

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San Angelo, TX – The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is warning the population that this flu season could be one of the worst on record, according to health experts.

Patients are being advised by their doctors to get their flu shots now and do not delay.

That powerful piece of advice from the CDC has people listening, and for good reason. With the flu season predicted to be this serious, getting a shot now could make all the difference later.

Typically, the “flu season” starts in October, but there have already been flu related deaths reported.

One death was reported in California where a child was diagnosed with the flu.

Physicians say it is not too early to get a flu shot and they are available at many pharmacies and doctor’s offices around the country.

The CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine by the end of October, if possible.

Doctors say you definitely want one before Thanksgiving, when you are likely to see more people, travel and be exposed to more germs. It typically takes about two weeks to build up your immunity once you get the shot.

Health experts hope people do not delay in getting a flu shot. Doctors say getting the shot is the number one way to stay healthy and the best shot at success when it comes to being flu-free this season.

No one will soon forget the last few flu seasons, seemingly fresh in everyone’s mind after dangerous and deadly conditions persisted. One thing is for sure, the level of awareness is at an all-time high. People know just how bad this bug can be.

During the 2018-2019 US flu season, which started October 1, 2018, and ended May 4, preliminary numbers from the CDC estimate there were nearly 42.9 millioncases of flu, up to 647,000 hospitalizations and up to 61,200 flu deaths.

It was not a typical flu season, experts said. The severity was moderate, the CDC reported, but it was record-breaker as the longest flu season in a decade.

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