Heading to San Angelo businesses this holiday season cuts out national issues


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SAN ANGELO, Texas — We’re amid the holiday season and there’s decisions to be made on whether to shop at big box stores or locally. Shopping locally benefits the city and your holiday shopping plans.

Picking a locally owned shop rather than shopping through big box stores helps the economy thrive and with supply chain delays and shipping changes at post offices, it can also influence your holiday season.

“The holidays are when a lot of stores make their money for the entire year so it’s an incredibly important time period for them,” Walt Koenig, President & CEO of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce said.

Taking your holiday shopping offline and into small businesses keeps them running, but also brings peace of mind.

“Supply chain issues are with us, if you’re ordering online, you don’t know when you’re going to get that merchandise on time or not,” Koenig said.

This is the case for many online retailers and big box stores even if they commit to a delivery time frame.

“Warnings are already being raised about holiday shortages and huge price increases,” Senator Mike Lee (R) Utah said.

The U.S. Postal Service also announcing longer delivery times and cuts to post office hours.

“It’s an attack on seniors, veterans and small businesses across the country,” U.S. Rep. Lauren Underwood (D) Illinois said.

However, uncertainty can be avoided.

“If you buy it in the stores you know you’re going to have it,” Koenig said.

Walt Koenig also mentioning that taking your dollars to one of the hundreds of local businesses dodges those national issues while boosting the city’s economy.

“Sales-tax input, but it’s also employment it’s also the lifestyle and quality of life that our great stores bring us,” Koenig said.

A not-so-good local shopping holiday season can hurt the city’s sales tax intake though things look good right now.

“We want to see that continue through the holiday season and with local shopping that will certainly help,” Koenig said.

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