SAN ANGELO, Texas — M.L. Leddy’s has been around for 101 years and has grown from a small local shop, to a widely known high-end boot maker. The story starts in 1922 when M.L. and his two brothers formed the shop in Brady, they then moved to where they are today in San Angelo. The two brothers left after a few years to open the second location in downtown Fort Worth. These two locations remain the only two. The secret to the Leddy’s boot is the fit, says Beverly Franklin Allen, granddaughter of M.L. Leddy.

She tells us, “Almost like a tattoo, you can design it how you want. We are first going to concentrate on the fit. We use a 40 pinning nail for our arch support. This is what we’re known for. Our M.L. Leddy boot customers say they can wear their Leddy Boots 24/7.”

The stores each specialize in one thing, with the Fort Worth store specializing in saddles, and the San Angelo store, in boots.

We were given a tour of the facility and got to see behind the scenes where the magic happens.

From the specialized measurements of each foot, to the hand sewn craftsmanship, all the way to the final shining of the boots, the M.L. Leddy boot is one of a kind.

Allen says even with their popularity, they still serve the people the company was built for, “Those glamour people that we make boots for aren’t as important as that Menard County Cowboy that has to pay that boot out because we’re helping him. That’s what we started on, was the cowboy boot. My grandfather always said that we would have a boot that would be the price of a working cowboy’s wages, and we do. We start there and that boot can last that cowboy 20 years.”

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