Haitian migrants continue to arrive in El Paso; Majority released into the country


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Days after the massive migrant camp that had gathered underneath The Del Rio International Bridge was cleared out hundreds of migrants continue to arrive in El Paso.

Ruben Garcia of the Annunciation House told KTSM that they expected to receive more than 300 migrants on Sunday. That is in addition to the more than 2,700 migrants that previously arrived.

Garcia said that when the migrants arrive in El Paso they are transported to one of eight different locations around the city for processing. During the processing, the migrants are tested for Covid-19.

The migrants who test positive for Covid-19 are relocated to a local hotel for a 10-day quarantine, the migrants that test negative for Covid-19, he said, are offered a vaccine.

However, Garcia said that some migrants do not agree to take the vaccine because of the side effects they might experience.

While talking to KTSM on Sunday, Garcia stressed that even though they are receiving a very high number of migrants each day, which he said is challenging, their organization is able to process those migrants for release within 24 to 48 hours and that most of the migrants then travel out of El Paso and into the country to places such as Denver, Houston, and Chicago.

The latest information from Garcia comes as The Secretary of Homeland Security confirmed that the vast majority of the migrants who arrived in Del Ro within the last few weeks have already been released into the United States.

Alejandro Mayorkas said that as of Sunday the number of migrants who have been allowed entry into the country is at about 12,000.

The secretary also said that the number of migrants released into the United States could increase because he said, about 5,000 more are currently being processed. The Secretary also confirmed that none of the migrants under the Del Rio Bridge were tested for Covid.

In addition, Secretary Mayorkas, who initially defended the Horse Patrol in Del Rio after a video of an agent on a horse in Del Rio went viral, said Monday that he was horrified after seeing the pictures.

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