BELL COUNTY, TX (FOX44) – Heroes, Villain’s, and more of our favorite characters showed up at today’s Bell County Comic Con.

The main thing you hear from many attending is excitement.

“It is awesome. It’s my first time and I am loving it,” said Royesha West, Bell County Comic Con attendant.

“Everyone coming up to you. You take pictures with your costume. I love it. Just everyone being so nice,” said Max Tondankert, Bell County Comic Con attendant.

From designer cars to human cars, attendants like Aiden Morehouse are taking in all of the different amenities.

“It’s pretty awesome to be here with all the actors and the movie props and comic books,” said Morehouse. “It’s just a really amazing experience to see everything that’s here.”

Action figure stands take up rows in the expo center, but local artists say these events are special for them to sell their own work.

“You can buy something off a, but if you buy an original piece, it’s going to that artist,” said Bobby Ramos, CEO of Ramos Renditions. “It’s going to their craft, and its going to that time that they’ve put into it, and it really, really makes a difference when you support local artists because they’re right there down the street from you.”

With local artists are independent comic book writers.

Chris Hays with charter comics says the connection he makes with attendants here always makes him come back.

“We have a lot of repeat customers that have come by that were here last year that picked up some of our stories,” said Hays. “We have new stories now, so again, we really appreciate all that support.”

Bell County Comic-Con is still going on tomorrow with the gates opening at 10 in the morning.