Going Green: Hi-Tech Gardening


ITS NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHERS GARDEN ANYMORE.FORMER COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT JOHN BEGNAUD HAS MORE ON HOW GARDENING HAS GONE ” HI-TECH” ON TONIGHTS CONCHO VALLEY GREEN.SOTWe have a new breed of gardener coming in. Those that may not have grown up seeing their grandparents garden, so there are a lot of challenges in educating them about gardening… all phases of gardening.”Reporter TrackCOUNTY EXTENSION AGENT JOHN BEGNAUD (beg-no) SAYS GARDENING HAS GROWN UP IN THE INFORMATION AGE.HE SAYS ALMOST ANY UNIVERSITY WEB SITE IS A CORNUCOPIA OF GARDENING KNOWLEDGE.SOTWhat zone do you live in, how hot does it get, how cold and the sunlight pattern. What do you love — is it about economy? Do you what to supplement the income with vegetables if thats a priority.If you want to teach your children about wildlife and butterflies what better place than in a garden.Reporter TrackYOU COULD ALSO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN A THING OR TWO ABOUT ECONOMICS IN A GARDEN.GRANDMA KNEW A THING OR TWO ABOUT STRETCHING A DOLLAR.GENERATIONS OF AMERICANS HAVE SAVED MONEY BY GROWING THEIR OWN VEGETABLES.AND GRANDMA KNEW THEY TASTED BETTER TOO.OF COURSE GARDENS ARENT JUST ABOUT FOOD.THEY CAN BE ABOUT FLOWERS TOO.ROSES ARE AMERICAS NUMBER ONE FLOWER.WITH A LITTLE ON-LINE RESEARCH YOU CAN ACHIEVE SPECTACULAR RESULTS.YOULL BE AMAZED HOW EASY IT IS.YOULL JUST HAVE TO SELECT THE RIGHT PLANTS, PREPARE THE SOIL AND GROW THEM AT THE RIGHT TIME.SOTIn modern gardening technology now we realize people dont want to spend their life in a garden.>>

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