SAN ANGELO, Texas- “No man I’ve ever met was my fathers equal and I never loved any man as much,” said Baptist retirement community resident, Bruce McLaren.

Between sips of coffee and bites of donuts at main street café, the grandfathers and great-grandfathers of the Baptist retirement community shared stories over breakfast.

“Were celebrating Father’s Day and its a neat time for all of the guys that normally don’t come without their wife so its a good chance for comradery,” said McLaren.

Bruce McLaren is the grandfather of 7 children! He shares with us the difference between being a father and grandpa.

“I think a lot of times they assume that grandfathers are sages with years and years of experience and learning and we are! But with the grandkids growing up they need to know that somebody will listen to them other than their friends. Moms and dads are notoriously famous for having busy schedules so grandpa is here to listen to the kids,” said McLaren.

They say times have changed but the need for an involved, loving father remains a constant. That’s not to say you’ll win every battle, Frank can testify to that.

“4 children, 1 boy, 3 girls and I never won an argument! The girls were always against me and I couldn’t win but despite that I enjoyed the whole shebang,” said resident, Frank Quinn.

If they had to give advice to the young fathers of the Concho Valley this is what they shared!

“Listen, don’t pontificate. Don’t give unnecessary advice but if they have a question give them a good answer but wait until they ask the questions,” said McLaren.

“The greatest gift a father has to give to his children is an example! Be what you preach!” said Quinn.

Happy Father’s Day Concho Valley!