SAN ANGELO, Texas- Students at Grape Creek middle are growing a green thumb as they get involved in their on campus greenhouse.

“At first they were kid of ‘ehh’ maybe I don’t want to do this so much but now they really get into it and that’s the inspiration. They keep going and growing,” said Ray Lopez, the agriculture & horticulture outdoor education teacher.

He tells us the San Angelo Health Foundation helped fund the green house in 2019 that sits just behind the school and benefits the kids in more ways than one.

“They spend a lot of time hands-on, they learn a lot of processes like cloning, they learn the aquaponics system, how to conserve water and reuse it again, and not waste so much. They use the hydroponics system and even know how to identify how plants are sick,” Lopez said.

Since the entire greenhouse is students run we asked them to show us around.

“We have the hydroponics system here and its take the water from the aquaponics system that fills up into this tank here,” said Stockton Felts, a Grape Creek 6th grader.

“this is the aquaponics system so basically what it is is we have two hundred gallon tanks with blue tilapia fish in them,” said 7th grader, Avery Applin.

“we will cut a plant from the 6-inch mark, from a 45-degree angle. Stick them in this box, so you have misters in the bottom of these that will come up and constantly water these guys and that is the cloning process,” said Ayden Crowder, a Grape Creek 6th grader.

After the plants have fully grown they have sales on the weekends and one is actually coming up!

‘We’re going to have a plant sale here in front of the administration building were going to have all of our native plants and all our succulents and they’re all going to be 7 dollars apiece,” said Lopez.

So if you’re in need of some plants that can survive this West Texas heat, this sale is for you!