SAN ANGELO, Texas — School has started and parents are facing the inflated prices of school supplies.

“With my own two kids that I send to school, it was not cheap to send them there this year,” said Grape Creek Special Populations supervisor, Jordan Cox.

Grape Creek officials say they want to make sure nothing gets in the way of their student’s learning so they providing them with free school supplies for the school year.

“Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comes into play. You have to take care of those basic needs first before they can even get to that point where they can learn from their teachers and feel safe there,” said Cox. “If it’s a matter of not having a pencil, let us provide that for you, lets us build that good foundation for you to be able to come to class knowing that you have everything and feel comfortable there,” said Cox.

This is the second year in a row all grade levels will receive free supplies. The initiative originally began last year due to the Corona Virus outbreak. The administration knew if they could, they would come through again this year.

“We have some federal funds that we’ve used to purchase a good chunk of it. We also used some local money as well, we kind of intermixed both to make it happen,” said Cox.