SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST/KSAN) – Seven area non-profits in San Angelo were given grants to help improve their missions in the community.

Over $1.2 million was split between those seven organizations this year bringing the total amount awarded over the past 25 years to nearly 60 million. That’s beyond its original goal of $44 million.
The total number of grants now stands at 805 for over 200 organizations.

Organizations wishing to be considered must submit an application that’s then reviewed by a committee of eleven members. The money allocated through the grants is based on certain criteria — such as the need for the project, the quality of the project, and how many people it will affect.

Concho Valley Biblical Counseling Center is one organization that received a grant. Johnna Sandor, Director of Administration at the organization says, “There are two different applications for a grant. One is for a grant under $25,000 and one is for a grant over. Ours was under $25,000.”

She continued, “There’s some information that they want to know about us — when we started and what our mission statement is and things like that, who we are what we’re all about, some of our accomplishments. Then they want to know how much do you want and what’s going to be for and why do you need it, how would it better and further your organization’s goals.”

Fort Concho is another organization that was awarded a grant which will help them replace a historic building that’s been missing from the fort for nearly one hundred years.