Getting to know your District 11 Candidates: Wacey Alpha Cody


Wacey Alpha Cody (L) spent many years rodeoing and still competes from time to time. He says this allowed him to go to and pay for college. He has two Bachelor’s degrees and one Master’s degree from Angelo State University. He says he’s always been into politics and would watch the news often.

“I would reflect on what the representatives and elected officials were saying about each other and about us and I thought ‘that doesn’t match any of the people I met all across parts of this nation,” Cody said.

That, he says, sparked his interest in running for congress. His message is one of unity.  

“How can I walk into somewhere in Massachusetts dressed like this, an oddball to them, and still get a warm welcome in a restaurant and people would come up and talk to me in Walmart, a checkout line, and kids would want to talk to me, and yet some of the most hateful things I hear is coming from an elected official,” Cody said.

As for the top issues he sees, there’s one that stands above all.  

“It’s kind of funny, maybe it’s the wrong philosophy, maybe it’s not but I believe the only issue in this nation is, are our representatives truly representing our constitutional will. That is their job description that is the only thing they’re supposed to be worried about,” Cody said.

Visit Wacey Alpha Cody’s website here.

Favorite food: Any food when I was hungry enough was my favorite food, but I think chicken fried steak.

Favorite fruit: I have least favorite fruit and that’s a strawberry.

Favorite Dessert: Peanut butter cookie with lots of peanut butter

Favorite animal: Polar bear…or my dog but I classify her as my friend.

Dream car: I’m not into cars but I’d probably buy a pirate ship if I won the lottery. I’m sure it would be neat to have a super-fast race car, but I have my beat up pick up, two door, bench seat and I’m happy with that….it would have AC though because that’s broken. So, dream car is one with AC.

Fun fact: I’m a distant cousin to Buffalo Bill Cody.

**At this point, attempts have been made and are being made to contact each candidate to offer an interview. Candidates were/are offered the choice of an on-camera interview, over the phone interview, or a questionnaire. If you are running for the District 11 seat and have not been contacted or just announced your candidacy, email Senora Scott to set up your interview at

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