Getting to know your District 11 Candidates: Robert Tucker


Robert Tucker (R) has his peace officer’s license, fire and EMT certifications, and is now a pastor in Comanche, Texas. Completing all this during and after serving in the Air Force for many years.

“In ‘05 I got injured over in Iraq. Laid in bed basically two years, about 30 different procedures and surgeries, told I would never walk again. That pretty much retired me. But as you can see, I’m doing well, walking again, I’m pretty hardheaded. My wife will be guaranteed to tell you that,” Tucker said.

He shared the main issue he says needs the most attention.

“We have so many issues right now I could spend 3 hours talking about them unfortunately. One of the biggest ones — we have 456 regulatory agencies right now — they regulate everything you do and they make laws and our representative only oversee these agencies, they do not vote on these regulations or anything else,” Tucker said.

As for the constituents, he says he’s all in for them.

“I’m running for the people of district 11 for them to have a voice in congress. That’s one of the reasons I’ve got my slogan, bring me your boots I’ll take your voice. I’ll take your voice to congress,” Tucker said.

Visit Robert Tucker’s website here.

Favorite food: Mexican food

Favorite Dessert: Banana pudding

Favorite animal: Horse. If you can learn to deal with a horse, you can learn to deal with any person.

Favorite color: Black. I’m a little color blind so everything’s about grey to me anyway.

Favorite Place: Out in the woods

Favorite Hobby: Studying politics

Favorite activity: Go see my grand-baby!

Fun Fact: I love to mentally challenge people say something that causes them to think and then 5 minutes later they’re like ‘Hey, wait a minute!’

**At this point, attempts have been made and are being made to contact each candidate to offer an interview. Candidates were/are offered the choice of an on-camera interview, over the phone interview, or a questionnaire. If you are running for the District 11 seat and have not been contacted or just announced your candidacy, email Senora Scott to set up your interview at

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