Getting to know your District 11 Candidates: Jon Mark Hogg


Jon Hogg (D) was raised in Trinidad and Tobago by parents who were missionaries. After spending several years there, his family moved to El Paso, Texas which is where he graduated high school. He then moved to San Angelo where he’s been practicing law for nearly 30 years.

Now, he’s running for the District 11 Congressional seat.

“We can’t continue to go on like we have been for the last twenty years with the tenor and tone of politics we have in this country,” Hogg said.

Hogg believes in a balanced government but thinks less emphasis needs to be put on party labels and more emphasis on working together.

“Until the people are ready for change, nothing’s going to happen but when the people are ready for change we need to elect people, democrats and republicans, who have that as their first priority, and say we need to reform government and make it work the way it was intended to work,” Hogg said.

Hogg says he is all about working together and will try to cultivate relationships with others if he is elected.

“Create more transparency in the house, create more accountability in the house, even to make it where you have a more open and democratic house where you don’t have a handful of people, a speaker or a majority leader on the senate side, that can basically hold legislation captive and it needs to be a more open body,” Hogg said.

Visit Jon Mark Hogg’s website here.

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite fruit: Orange

Favorite Dessert: Oh, that’s a challenge. I’m a cookie guy. Give me cookies. It’s not really a fancy dessert but give me the cookie every time. I can carry it with me.

Favorite animal: Dog

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite Place: I would probably say Big Bend National Park

Fun Fact: I’m a cricket fan, which is not going to sell a whole lot in West Texas but back in Trinidad and Tobago, it was a former British colony so that’s what everybody played. We would play it in the yard. This last 10 years or so, now they’ve got the internet so you can see everything, so I got this subscription service where you can watch all over the world. Then my fantastic, most incredible wife ever, it was our 30th anniversary this year, the cricket world cup was in England, and she took me to England and we got to go to two matches and we went to the finals in London and it was fantastic.

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