Getting to know your District 11 Candidates: Jeffrey Cady


A questionnaire was sent to Jeffrey Cady (I) in lieu of an on-camera interview at this time. These are his responses:

Share a little bit about yourself and your background:

“A little bit about myself, I am an every day person just like most. My family moved around so I had many experiences in my young life. My first job was when I was 9 years old. It was a simple task that a young child could do. I feed chickens for the neighbor, they worst yet exciting part is when you had to run away from the rooster so he did peck me! I had my second job around the age of 15. I was a door to door salesman selling candy. It wasn’t any boys dream job but in the long run it was beneficial because it helped me to get over some of my shyness and speck to people. As I grew older, I had to learn the hard way on how life can really be. I was knocked down hard and had nothing, but I also picked myself back up again. I went to school and got my CNA (certified nurse’s assistant) which I worked in that field for many years till the oilfield started booming which led me to be a “roughneck”. I worked in the oilfield for over 10 years and worked my way from the bottom to the top. When I decided to leave, I was a driller, I chose to leave because I was awarded custody of my 5-year-old son. I took a local job at a long-term facility as the maintenance director which is where I am still at today.”

Why did you decide to run for the District 11 position?

“I decided to run for congress because I am tired of settling. For years we have had carrier politicians and I’m not saying that they are not good just that if we want a change then someone will have to fight for that change. When the government was created it was supposed to be by the people for the people and I want to get back to that.”

What are the main issues you would like to address while in office should you be elected?

“There are so many issues that I could speak about and the most common ones are oil, gas and agriculture. My major concern Medicare for our elderly. My main focus is our elderly. They have lived their lives and paid all their dues such as taxes, paid into their 401k and struggled. Over the past 20 years Medicare has been cut over 800 billion dollars. They have added so many regulations and restrictions that are not only confusing to a lot of elderly but are hard for them to meet. When someone is sick and needs diagnostic testing, they are usually turned away. Half of the medications they need they will either not get because it’s a nonformulary medication or they can’t afford it. Our elderly is on a fixed income and cannot work yet still have to figure out a way to pay for their health insurance that was told to them that would be provided since they paid into their whole life. Medicare has many plans and when you don’t have the correct plan then they go without. It comes down to the fact that most will choose to go without because they have to pay their bills or by food just to survive.”

What is your ideal plan of action should you be elected?

“Find alliances that are wanting to meet the same goal as I am. Yes, everyone is either democratic or republican but there will still be people that will agree with me. Coming in as an independent I am hoping to have others stand up for what they believe in and choose to fight with me.”

If you had one sentence to convince someone to vote for you, what would that be?

“If you want something done, I am the one.”

Visit Jeffrey Cady’s website here.

Favorite food: Sausage and potatoes  

Favorite Dessert: Homemade cheesecake  

Favorite animal: Hedgehog. Why? They are just cute. We can color it blue and name it sonic.

Favorite color: Royal purple

Favorite place: Anywhere outside the city lights. Where time seems to just slow down.  

Favorite activity: Game night with the family.

Favorite hobby: Anything thing that requires working with my hands.

Fun Fact: I never drove a vehicle until I was 21 and went to take my driving test. I passed first time.  

**At this point, attempts have been made and are being made to contact each candidate to offer an interview. Candidates were/are offered the choice of an on-camera interview, over the phone interview, or a questionnaire. If you are running for the District 11 seat and have not been contacted or just announced your candidacy, email Senora Scott to set up your interview at

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