Getting to know your District 11 Candidates: JD Faircloth


JD Faircloth (R) is from Baird, Texas and has always lived in West Texas. He grew up in the agriculture industry then, pursued a career in business. He’s been a Chief Financial Officer, the head of several companies, an accountant, and even the mayor of Midland.

Now, he’s running for the District 11 congressional seat. He says there’s one issue stands out to him.

“That’s our national debt. Our national debt is 23 trillion dollars and in the last 12 years we have deficits of over 1 trillion dollars, so we have doubled our national debt in 12 years,” Faircloth said.

He says he’s got several other concerns as well.

“I’m also very concerned about protecting the unborn. I’m concerned about protecting our constitutional guaranteed gun rights. I’m a gun owner and member of the NRA and I believe very much in protecting our constitutional guaranteed rights. I’m also concerned about the border. I think we must control our border and basically implement some controls weather it’s the all or electronic securities, but we have to maintain control of our border,” Faircloth said.

 As for his message to voters, he says it’s straightforward.

“I bring a lot to the table I have 20 years of business experience, 20 years public accounting experience, I have elected political experience. I’ve made tough decisions. I’ve worked with the Republican party for over 30 years I’ve fought the budget battles I know what republican values are all about,” Faircloth said.

You can visit JD Faircloth’s website here.

Favorite food: Chicken fried steak

Favorite Dessert: Pecan pie

Favorite animal: Dog. I’m a dog lover and I’m not much of a cat person.

Favorite color: Burnt Orange

Favorite Place: I really don’t have a favorite place, I like America.

Favorite Activity: I like hunting. I don’t get to go a whole lot but I like hunting.

Favorite Hobby: It used to be golf but I’m so bad at golf I’ve pretty much given that up. Basically, just spending time with the grandkids.  

Fun Fact: A lot of people don’t know that I used to be mayor of Midland. I was mayor of Midland 25 years ago. I was a pretty young mayor of Midland at the time.

**At this point, attempts have been made and are being made to contact each candidate to offer an interview. Candidates were/are offered the choice of an on-camera interview, over the phone interview, or a questionnaire. If you are running for the District 11 seat and have not been contacted or just announced your candidacy, email Senora Scott to set up your interview at

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