Getting to know your District 11 Candidates: August Pfluger


August Pfluger (R) was raised in Concho and Kimble Counties but graduated from Central High School, then went on to the Air Force Academy. After serving in uniform for nearly two decades as a combat pilot flying a number of missions against ISIS, the Lt. Col. Is now on the National Security Council as an advisor to President Donald Trump.

He announced his bid for the District 11 Congressional seat in September.

“We thought this was a path we were being lead on so, making a transition from being an active duty Air Force officer to congress is really a big step but really a similar thing like flying combat missions over Iraq and Syria, this is another way to protect and defend West Texas values and also the United States,” Pfluger said.

Pfluger says he wants to put and keep the focus on West Texas if he’s elected.

“District 11 is special. Not just to Texas but to the United States and the rest of the world. The three things that I see that are really important are agriculture, defense, and oil and gas,” Pfluger said.

He says he’ll accomplish this by communicating with his fellow representatives on just how unique District 11 is.

“You’re 1 of 435 people but the influence you can have and the education that is required, especially when it comes to the importance of District 11, is getting the message out that, we have something to offer and it’s not just to the state of Texas but to entire country and even the rest of the world,” Pfluger said.

Visit August Pfluger’s website here.

Favorite food: A steak from Lowake Steak House…and Twin Mountain Steakhouse…and Zentner’s Daughter Steakhouse…

Favorite fruit: A really sweet, crisp apple.

Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake

Favorite animal: Horse

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite Place: We love going to our ranch in Kimble County.

Fun Fact: I love teaching my daughters how to play and do sports. Ten years ago, I would have said playing golf but now it’s way more fun to teach my daughters.

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