SAN ANGELO, Texas- Funding for rapid rehousing for the homeless was approved in a 7-0 vote earlier this week at City Council.

“This is our third year receiving the ‘HUD Continue Of Care’ grant to implement a rapid rehousing program. The program as it implies, gets those experiencing homelessness from the street into public housing relatively quickly,” said Bob Salas, the Director of Neighborhood and Family Services.

This program led by the Neighborhood and Family Services Organization as well as the Public Housing Authority will assign case managers to those in need of a home.

“We have a case manager that will walk someone from point A to point B, helping them navigate through the obstacles that homeless people experience. For example I.D.s, you’d be surprised how many homeless people do not have identification,” said Salas.

The program is not exclusively limited to chronic homelessness but also helps situational homelessness.

“We’ve had individuals who were made homeless because their house burned down. We had another three or four that lost their jobs. We had one lady who lost her husband and son at the same time and they were the breadwinners so she became homeless and we were able to help her get into the system as well. You can imagine the experiences they have, they’re all different but of course, they still need permanent housing,” said Salas.

About half of the more than $186,000 grant for this year will be used for rental assistance, the rest will cover service and administrative costs.