SAN ANGELO, Texas- September is hunger action month but year-round, filling the gap, is the goal for ‘Keepers of Hope’ founder, Debbie Sonberg.

“It is hard for somebody to come forward and say they are hungry because they feel like they should be able to provide, but we don’t look at why they need the food, we look at the fact that they have a hungry tummy,” said Sonberg.

She runs a non-profit that supports agencies serving people in need, by locating, securing, and delivering needed resources to those organizations.

“Case managers or executive directors call me when they get a new client or have a client that’s struggling and then we pull emergency food boxes,” added Sonberg.

During the interview with Debbie, she got a call that a family of 5 was in need. Instantly she told the KLST KSAN news team that we were making boxes.

“A mom, dad, grandmother, and two children have been eating peanut butter sandwiches for about 4 or 5 days now so that’s all that’s available in that house,” Sonberg told us.

Debbie keeps an account of how many pounds of food are given away. Last year the number was high but she expects it to rise as she tells us the need in the Concho Valley grows every day.

“With our food drive and purchasing food at the food bank to put it into the different facilities, we gave over 10,000 pounds of food back into our community,” said Sonberg.

‘It is in giving that we receive.’ That’s the quote Debbie and her non-profit stand upon. She encourages those in the community to help saying there is no donation too small.

“One lady called me and she said, I only have money to buy one can of food, one can of tuna, a box of mac and cheese, and a jar of peanut butter,” said Sonberg. “It may not mean a lot to you and I but if that’s all somebody is eating it means the world to them.”

Each month Debbie collects one specific type of food in collection boxes across the city. In September, tuna cans are being collected and in October it will be soup cans. If you would like to donate to Keepers of Hope you can find the drop-off locations below.

  • Bargain Cave
  • Shipping Point
  • YMCA
  • The Lions Charity
  • Galilee Development Company