Fostering the Future: Meet the Manship Family


“It’s not for everybody. It’s without a doubt the single most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. And you have to be prepared to love a child like your own and never see them again,” Nathan Manship said.

Nathan and Lori Manship started their journey as foster parents several years ago. They’ve already had four girls in their home. One they planned to adopt but she was reunited with her mother. Something they say is heartbreaking but, they’re glad the girl’s mother got back on track and the two could be reunited.

“We made a difference for that time period. We were able to help them when they were in the most critical need in their life. If we can help them and leave a lasting impression, we do and we hope that our influence will help them become who they are in the future,” Lori Manship said.

Last July, they adopted now five-yea-old Jon with 10-year-old Keith stepping up to take on the role of big brother. Both Nathan and Lori said as soon as they saw Jon’s picture, they knew he was their son.

“We had looked at tons of pictures and tons of kids and never felt God calling us until him and he is meant to be our little Jon,” Lori said.

While the couple says that becoming foster parents isn’t the right fit for everyone, they say there are plenty of ways to get involved.

“There are all sorts of way to help. You can donate to foster closets; you can volunteer to help as a respite caregiver. They are certified foster babysitters,” Nathan said.

“You can also be a CASA which is a child’s advocate which is greatly in demand. Big time. There aren’t nearly enough in San Angelo,” Lori said.

If you’re still on the fence about it, Nathan has this advice.

“Anyone who says they’re afraid of being attached and that they would hurt, my answer is: That’s what makes you good at it. These kids deserve to have someone to love them enough to hurt like that when they’re gone,” Nathan said.

For more information on fostering and adopting, click here.

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